Music comes out
Gratis bloggen bei is not easy to discribe your self. It's easyer to discribe other persons but i will try best to tell you some facts about me.

Im a austrian girl

14 years old and my birthday is on 19 November

I love to go shopping and i love to ride

My importainst things are my Friends

Also importaint is my rabbit (hasi/snoopy) and my horses Nelly and Diego <3

I love potographing and make graphics ore designs

My best best best Friend is Katzi (Katharina xD or Cady)

I love to live risky.... and i do .haha.

I hate school and all things around school

Im verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy lazy .haha. yes I'm so lazy that i hate it

I love to go outside in the nature and feeeeellll the fresh air .lol.

Maby I'll write some more facts later =)