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Hey this is my little diary. There i will writte how my day was and so on..Yeah my very privat things i can't writte her but some pieces out of my life .haha.


 3.May.07 it was day. First at 10 am we (Cady and i) had privat lessons in English. It was okay. At home my mom was so stupid. I wasn't allowed to goto the cinema ._. sometimes i don'T undertsand her..don't care..afternoon Cadycame to my place and then we went outside. First we ate ice scream.. than we drank red bull (jummmyy.haha.) Now we are sitting here and in a few minutes some Friends of my brother will come -sigh- i don't care about them..

So good bye  Leni (hm i want a new nick :/)


Hey =)

Today it was a funny day. This week we have no school so i stayed at my friends Place (Katzi). Than at 2 pm we drove to Urfa. There is something like a funpark called Urfermarkt .haha. Yes it was great fun. We ate so much and now i have stomachache ._.  Tomorrow i have private lessoning in englisch >_< i don't like it. But my marks are very bad in englisch (of course I'm a Austrian Girl *lol*).

Now it's late .... good night =)